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Demand Blue Tag Certified Turfgrass
By North Carolina Crop Improvement Association

Certification By NC Crop Improvement Association
Documents planting source
Class of turfgrass documented (Breeder, Foundation, Registered, Certified)
Fields of turfgrass are inspected and walked thoroughly at least two times each year
Inspection ensures true-to-type, genetically pure varieties
Inspection eliminates common bermudagrass
Inspection ensures no off-types of turfgrass that arise from mutations and no noxious/objectionable weeds
Blue tag/certificate with your purchase

NCDA&CS Nursery Inspection Program
Inspections to ensure plant material meets quarantine requirements for North Carolina or other states.

Regulations require individuals who distribute nursery stock, such as turfgrass, in North Carolina to make application to NCDA&CS Plant Industry Division for
  inspection prior to offering plant material for distribution or sale.

Quarantine inspections are needed to prevent the artifical introduction or to limit the spread of agricultural plant pests such as the imported fire and and noxious

Contact the NCDA&CS, Plant Protection Section at 919-733-6932, 1-800-206-9333 or

The Benefits
Genetic Purity
By purchasing certified turfgrass you can rest assured it has been grown from a documented planting source and has been inspected by NC Crop Improvement.

Free Of Noxious Weeds
Certified turfgrass is also inspected and warrantied to be 100% free of noxiou and objectionable weeds.

Same Turf Today and Tomorrow
Plant certified turfgrass sod
Field inspectioned by NCCIA
Known variety
Growth habit of grass fits your needs/desire today and tomorrow
So make sure you ask for blue tag certified turfgrass by NC Crop Improvement on your next project and see the advantages of certified turfgrass.